The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Themes: Part 1

The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Themes: Part 1

One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to watch your little ones grow up and develop interests of their own. During grade school, kids’ likes and wants seem to change every year, as they try new classes, see new movies, read new books, and get involved in new extracurricular activities, such as a musical instrument, art, or sports. Because of their constantly changing interests, you can expect your kids’ birthday party ideas to vary from year to year, which opens the door for even more creative birthday party themes, activities, and party supplies.

At POP! Party Supply, we’ve got lots of fun party supplies and decorations for every occasion, from holiday parties and graduations to anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and milestone birthdays. Kids’ birthday party supplies and party favors make up a huge section of our Lockport party store, which is why we’re dedicating this post to helping you come up with fun kids’ birthday party ideas to try in the future. That being said, here are some unique party themes to explore for your child’s next birthday celebration!


Disney Princess Party

The Disney Princess birthday theme is a timeless classic that has taken on many different forms over the years. Beginning with the originals like Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel, Disney Princess birthday parties have expanded to include new characters like Moana, Rapunzel from “Tangled,” and Elsa and Anna from “Frozen.” If you’re brainstorming birthday themes for girls, now is the perfect time to throw a Disney Princess party for your toddler, especially with all the great Disney movies that have come out in recent years. Check out our mylar Disney Princess balloons at POP! Party Supply or create custom balloons online with your child’s favorite characters!

Jurassic World Party

Dinosaur birthday themes never get old, especially when you’re in charge of coming up with boys’ birthday party ideas for your elementary-aged kiddo. Sure, the Jurassic Park theme has been done time and time again, but there’s nothing that excites five-year-old boys like dinosaur balloons, plates, napkins, confetti, and a dinosaur-shaped birthday cake. So, go all-out with dinosaur party favors like spotted eggs that transform into rubber figurines when you place them in water, or stick to mylar dinosaur balloons, paper dinosaur plates, and other simple party decorations for your little boy’s dinosaur-themed party!

Luau Party

If your child has a summer birthday, throw them a luau-themed party with colorful leis, hula skirts, Hawaiian flowers, drink umbrellas, and a kiddie pool in the backyard! Of course, you’ll want to stock up on all kinds of luau party decorations before the party, so don’t forget the luau confetti, Hawaiian flower plates, and mylar palm tree balloons! Special-order custom balloons to include your child’s favorite sea creatures or set up a balloon arch in the backyard with blue, pink, and yellow birthday balloons. Trust us, your little one and their friends will love spending a day at the beach with Hawaiian decorations, luau music, and tasty treats — even here, in the middle of Lockport!

Stock Up On Kids’ Party Supplies & Decorations At POP! Party Supply

Now that you have a few birthday party ideas for girls and boys, it’s time to start planning! Continue to part two of this blog series to get more fun birthday party ideas for kids, or stop by our party store in Lockport to check out our selection of kids’ party themes! As the Top Rated Local® party store in the area, we are also proud to offer custom balloon options online, in addition to balloon bouquets, balloon arches, and so much more. Shop with us today!

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