Types of Balloons

Types of Balloons

No matter what you are celebrating, balloons are the perfect accent for any occasion. Whether it’s birthday balloons, graduation balloons, or retirement balloons, you can make any celebration special with some party balloons. While having some balloons at your party seems like an obvious choice, a more difficult choice is choosing which type of balloon to go with. POP! Party Supply’s guide to the different types of balloons will help you decide which balloon is right for your celebration.

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Rubber Balloons

These quintessential balloons were invented during the early 19th century by Michael Faraday for laboratory purposes. Faraday joined two pieces of rubber, separated by a thin layer of flour, to create the first rubber balloons. A few years later, Londoners couldn’t get enough of the stuff and expanded on the idea by using vulcanized rubber, which made the balloon stronger and more elastic.

These balloons became increasingly more popular during the 20th century. Eventually, they were filled with helium so they retained buoyancy in the air — nobody likes a saggy balloon, after all. If you’re looking for a fun, vibrant balloon that is sure to put a smile on a someone’s face, go with the rubber balloon.


Foil Balloons

During the mid 20th century, foil and mylar balloons started making grand appearances at parties. Because they had a significantly more rigid frame than the rubber balloon, they could have images and words printed onto them.

The shiny, festive vibe of foil and mylar balloons helps to raise the atmosphere just a few notches above rubber balloons. Whether you are looking for fun but elegant decor for a wedding, birthday party, or milestone celebration, foil and mylar set the bar as some of the nicest, most customizable, balloons for an event.


Water Balloons

While these balloons are technically a variant of the rubber balloon, water balloons are a fun addition to any casual celebration. Typically most popular in the summertime, water balloons can be thrown at party-goers, ensuing in an all-out water balloon fight — don’t worry, most water balloons don’t hurt when they hit you!

Water balloons are perfect for adding a fun twist to summer holidays or casual get-togethers. Be warned that even when water balloons are busted out at a formal event like a wedding, the guests who participate will drop their guard and let loose for a few minutes.

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